Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Brothers in Scum, Part Deux - Another X Wing Bat Rep

Good morning,

So, we set up again.

This time I set up on the left hand lane, while Dave thought to come around my flank with his aces of aces. The Inquisitor was not best pleased.

Though I guess he needn't have worried so much.

The big I zips past, Soontir scoots in behind, and Boba takes a hard right.

Vader's tokenless! Pew pew pew!

Doh! He got away.

Dengar pops Glitterstims...for aught but one attack... Dave flew Soontir onto a rock.

And even then...

...Dengar didn't need them.


Leaving Boba hanging.

"Aww man, I was all lined up for a shot bro!"

More flying thither and yon ensued.

Including Soontir taking another damage getting off the 'roid.

A tokenless one health Soontir...

...often ends up a dead Soontir!

"Bro! You did it again! I was all ready to fire out my rear end!"

Which just left the Inquisitor.

But not for very much longer.

Once again an 100:26 (Dengar @ half points) victory to me.

Still not sure about my crew upgrades for the Brothers...

Anyhow, thanks for the game Dave, 'twas good fun!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Brothers In Scum - An X Wing Bat Rep

Good evening,

This afternoon Dave came round to help me try out a possible list for the Nats here in Christchurch. This coming weekend. Yikes!

I thought to run a Brothers in Scum list...

...having just watched this...

Seeing as Imperial Aces are quite popular down here in Christchurch, I thought to give Dave an old Imp Aces list that I had lying around from a while back...

(It didn't work very well for me during the store champs however!)

Anyway, we set up and away we went.

Second move, and I fly Dengar onto a rock!

All he could do is sit there while Soontir and the gang fly straight past him!


However, seeing as Dave hadn't flown these guys before (this being only his third game ever), he K turns them for a joust.

Interceptors aren't really built for jousting...

Next move, and Vader piles into Boba, point blank of a double tapping Dengar...

...and then Dave tries to K turn the Inquisitor while he was already stressed from the previous bound. So I give him a gentle one to bump Dengar...

...whilst and at the same time Boba fails to fly by Vader, and Vader fails to fly by Boba. Allowing Dengar..., well, do what Dengar do!

Which then just left Boba to do...

...what Boba do.

Bit of a steep learning curve there for Dave, it's not really a novice list that I gave him, what with all those double and potentially PTL'd actions and consequent stresses and what not.

Still, he enjoyed the game, so we set up for another...


Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Favorite Chariots

Good evening,

A couple of weeks back Dave and I had a WMA game, Marians against ABSs. During the ensuing fun, a couple of my Airfix/Freikorps/Newline hybrids came off a little worse for wear. I have since repaired them, and since I had to get their box out to put them away, I figured I'd take some pictures of my favorites.

Here (below) we have probably my most diverse AB chariot - an Airfix chariot and horse team, Freikorp ACW artillery wheels, Newline chariot sides, an Esci Barbarian  driver, and an Italeri Gaul noble.

Next, we have the same chariot set up as above, with a couple of Newline metals.

And much the same here. But with Airfix chariot sides.

The metal pieces all came from one Newline chariot - Newline put in two different driven, two different nobles, and two different chariot sides. Ironically, I haven't used the chariot itself yet..

The next two are simple variations of Airfix, Esci and Italeri plastics.

All of my of he chariots are simple Airfix (and Freikorps) jobbies.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Splinter of the Mince Pie

A wee game Dave and I played yesterday.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Another VBVSFCW HOTT Battle

Good evening,

Shortly after the first game, and some iced buns, we set up for another bash. Again, Dave was the defender...
  • 1 Shooter General
  • 5 Shooters
  • 2 Blades
  • 2 Knights
  • 2 Flyers - steam and clockwork jobbies

...great scratchbuilds there Dave!

While I was the aggressor.
  • 1 Shooter General
  • 3 Shooters
  • 1 Lurker
  • 1 Magician
  • 1 Knight
  • 1 Airboat
  • 3 Flyers
Dave took the opportunity of the first flight of his new fangled contraptions to take the fight to me... the left and rear of my line.

I say! Jolly unsportsmanship like, what, what?!

Sally forth Her Majesty's Air Boat Vulture!

(the Airboat does stick a tad ahead of it's base, so...)

...while the rocket troopers swoop in to fend off the fearsome fiend.

Both geiger flyers were suitably rebuffed.

So Dave just flies one east... threaten my Knights...

...whilst sending forth the other into the flank of my line.

To no effect...and it's own undoing.


However, instead of taking on my Knights, Dave flies his Flyer into the rear of my own flying column. Should I roll poorly, my dirigible will not be able to recoil.

Thankfully a 6:1 took care of that!

And so it was time for a general advance.

Generally speaking.

All while my lancers languish in the rear.

"Ranks will volley fire. Volley...!"

Aw stink, there goes my Airboat. Again!

Still...'s not all bad I guess.

The steam tank rumbles forward into a non-combatible contact. (Not front edge/corner to front edge/corner contact, you understand. Drats.)

Dave sends forth his Knights.

And I send round my Flyer. Such that, should I manage to get a recoil result on the impending combat between the Flyer to his front, Dave's Knight would have insufficient room to recoil.

Alas, it was not to be - he caused me to flee. Whoopdey dee...

Still, I had managed to back up my tank so as to go in again at a better angle.

More shooting...




And the steam tank follows up.


...I am realising too late that the real strength of Dave's army is in his number of shooters.


Double drats!

It gets worse.

"Right!" say I. "I'll just slide the tank over and run over these silly horsies to my front."

Opps! Dave inflicts a recoil result for which I have insufficient room to recoil.


Whew, a recoil result. He was lucky!

So I bring in my two remaining shooters...

...and try to mob his remaining Knight.

Aw stink!

Stink indeed!

So, in spite of my technical superiority...

...I was simply out shot.

(And out recoiled! That was the second time I'd lost that tank to a bad recoil in as many games. Doh!)

Well played Dave, well played.

And a good time was had by all.


And the view from the other side...